The Role and Challenges of Women Entrepreneurship in Small-Scale Industries in India

Shilpi Kavita

Department of Economics and Finance, ISM
Patna, India
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Entrepreneurship has gained more importance as it fills the gap in the existing market by focusing on the small needs and desires of the customer and the market. The government has also initiated this momentum by developing policy initiatives to promote entrepreneurs and develop entrepreneurial skills by passing favorable plans to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country. Today every field has been captured by women, from home to defence. Entrepreneurial field is also no exception. Women entrepreneurship can bring transformational change in society by adding to the country’s economy as well as their home economy. One of the practical solutions to solving unemployment issues is women entrepreneurship. According to National Statistical Office (NSO) data, female literacy rate stands at 70.30% in the year 2021. However, the relationship between literacy and entrepreneurship has no positive correlation. Even illiterate women venture into the entrepreneurship field. The present paper tries to study the role of women entrepreneurs in accelerating the growth of small-scale industries (SSIs) in the Indian economy and also reveals the challenges faced in this sector.

Keywords: women entrepreneurs; SSIs, Indian economy


International Journal of Small and Medium Enterprises and Business Sustainability
Volume 09 No. 01 March 2024