Simple Technological Innovations that have Solved Complex Sustainability and Livelihood Challenges through MSMEs. A Story from Africa

Sazir Nsubuga Mayanja

St Peter’s University
Kampala, Uganda
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Achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs), especially through micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) has necessitated innovative solutions. Related to and interwoven with these is the concept of financial inclusion. They are seamlessly interrelated and mutually reinforcing. In Africa, the study has chosen M-PESA and (ACRE) Africa, as proof of achieving SDGs through innovations and MSMEs. Through leveraging appropriate innovations of Mobile money technology and microinsurance, Africa has been able to mitigate the consequences of the vagaries of climate change, consolidate the efforts to alleviate poverty, and promote the fight against food insecurity, among many other SDGs. The World Bank has among other multilateral organizations, emphasized that achieving SDGs) will be much dependent on the world’s population to increasingly access finance through digital technologies. Africa is constrained by an investment gap between an incremental outlay of $200 billion and $1.2 trillion per annum. To achieve the transformation goals of the 2030 Agenda and the objectives of Agenda 2063, domestic resources must be mobilized efficiently, effectively, and innovatively. The study has adopted a rigorous literature review of facts and figures regarding simple but effective technological innovations that have greatly transformed communities in Africa concerning SDGs. M-PESA and (ACRE) Africa are among the most mentioned.

Keywords: Acre, Africa, technological innovations, mobile money, M-PESA, MSMEs, SDGs,


International Journal of Small and Medium Enterprises and Business Sustainability
Volume 09 No. 01 March 2024