Normative Economics and Political Attitude to Improve Institutional Participation and Supply Chain through Good Governance for Macroeconomic Constancy with A Special Reference to An Emerging Economy

Muhammad Mahboob Ali

Dhaka School of Economics, Constituent Institution of the University of Dhaka
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
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José G. Vargas-Hernández

Instituto Tecnológico José Mario Molina Pasquel y Henríquez, Unidad Académica Zapopan,
Jalisco, México
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Good governance with institutionalization can assist in extending the formal sector and growth with equity, removing social injustice and dropping income inequality in an emerging economy. Normative macroeconomic stability can help to attain an excellent circumstance for the overall socio-economic scenario of a country. SDG 10 is very important for the social and financial inclusion of the inhabitants. The research question of the study is whether the normative political economy can help to attain substantial, planned, and participatory democracy to progress institutional participation through good Governance for attaining macroeconomic stability. It was observed from one of the case studies that the Rohingya people of Myanmar who pushed to Bangladesh is around 1.1 million and their influx in Bangladesh creates trouble for which they must return to their motherland. Supply chain management depends on institutional, teamwork, and good governance. From the study, it was observed that contributory and participatory governance preparations are customary for pro-people government and can be considered as a criterion for endorsing the normative perspective to attain macroeconomic constancy of an emerging economy as commented by the authors. Managing the supply chain is extremely significant for the economic upgrading of the country.

Keywords: normative economics, political attitude, democracy, institution, political economy, Bangladesh


International Journal of Small and Medium Enterprises and Business Sustainability
Volume 09 No. 01 March 2024