Innovation Clusters Development in France and Indonesia: A Comparative Study

Patrick Dieuaide, Yohan Rochefeuille & Tulus Tambunan


Indonesia is still lacking behind European countries and the US, not only with respect to the actual development of innovation clusters but also with respect to innovation cluster development policies. In France, on the other hand, clusters tend to become increasingly specialised and increasingly connected with other clusters providing complementary activities. Successful clusters have also significantly increased their global reach – attracting people, technology and investments, serving global markets, and connecting with other regional clusters that provide complementary activities in global value chains. This research collaboration paper is a preliminary study of a research project to be conducted in 2019, aiming to compare innovation clusters development in Indonesia and France. In this paper, current conditions of innovation cluster developments in Indonesia and France are discussed.

Keywords: Indonesia, France, innovation clusters, Regional Information Technology Center of Excellence,
JEL codes: L52, O31, Z21


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